The following are testimonials and letters from our customers:

“I purchased three of Karin’s audio programs: Attract Your Soulmate, Heart of Compassion and Manifesting Magic. I have a lot of experience with guided meditation, and have utilized it for inner and outer transformation for over a decade, but I must tell you, I think her programs are the most resonant and enjoyable that I’ve ever experienced. I liken Karin’s voice to rich, warm dark chocolate, and trust me, that’s a compliment. Often I’ll come away from a recorded session thinking, “Wow, I wish the practitioner would have touched on this, that or the other thing as part of this session.” Not with your sessions. It’s like you read my thoughts as you recorded these sessions!

The first time I utilized Heart of Compassion, I came away with tears in my eyes. I’ve struggled with extreme perfectionism and self-criticism since my teens, and your Heart of Compassion program, which I use almost daily, is balm for my soul.

Just in the few weeks I’ve been utilizing your programs, I’ve been noticing an incredible difference. I’m confident, uplifted and ready to soar. I’ve plucked up the courage to set a firm intention that I will meet my soulmate and future husband well before my birthday in early April. I’ve never married, and while I’m glad I haven’t settled for less than I deserve in relationships (and I’ve come close), I now firmly know that my anam cara (soul friend) and I are exceedingly close to meeting in the physical world.

After a few months of feeling rather bleak and depressed, I’m feeling on top of the world now, and know that your programs have been one of the catalysts that have helped me to these heights. Thank you really doesn’t express it well enough, but I do thank you with all my heart.

I will continue to utilize your materials regularly, and will send you news of my upcoming wedding when that happens!

Kim Loftis,
The Spiritual Serenity Coach

“Karin is an amazingly qualified hypnotherapist. I have asked her to make self hypnosis recordings for me. She has an innate ability to put your thoughts together in a very cohesive meditation. Karin seems to have a sixth sense about how to word your ideas into an effective recording made specifically for your needs. Her sense of expressing perfectly what your needs are is amazing. She has a calm and soothing voice that inspires confidence in the listener. I marvel at her talent with words and the exact phrasing for statements that cover your needs. I recommend her as a truly gifted hypnotherapist with an incredible talent for creating personalized recordings that will help you reach your dreams and goals.”

Thank you,
D. S. Munoz

“I want to thank you for the wonderful recordings you sent me. They are awesome! I especially enjoyed “Naturally Slim” and “Vibrant Health.” I found the meditations very relaxing. And when listening to them before bedtime they are even more effective with the added bonus of inducing a sound night’s rest. Thanks again!”

Myles Lambert,
New York

“Karin’s CDs are a blessing! Every time I listen to one I feel relaxed, renewed and easily able to focus on what matters most.
Thank you for the gift of your voice and meditations that speak to our soul
and spirit!”

Kendall SummerHawk
The “Horse Whisperer for Business”

DEEP RELAXATION: Recharge at Core 

Karin’s audio program “Deep Relaxation: Recharge at Core” came to me at the perfect time. I was suffering from insomnia and her soothing voice helped lull me back to sleep on many occasions. I bought several extra copies of the CD and started sending them to my clients who were going through stressful times. Everyone has loved them!

I also shared Karin’s powerful techniques with two family members. I played
the ocean waves soundtrack to help my 4 year old settle down to sleep (not
an easy task!) and she fell fast asleep. Hearing the sounds of waves and
windchimes is now part of her nightly bedtime ritual.

More importantly, I’ve given the CD to my mother who is battling colon
cancer. When she is in physical pain, she puts on the CD and it helps soothe
her greatly. Thank you Karin for sharing this special medicine of yours with
me, my family, and my client family.”

Nancy Marmolejo
Award winning entrepreneur

“I love my relaxation CD, it is so refreshing to take a break at the end of a busy day and listen to it. The imagery makes me feel like I am on a mini-vacation to Kauai. My frisky yellow Lab Katie loves it too, she goes totally out whenever I play it. Thank you!”

Jennifer Robin
Author, Image consultant and Artist

“I have been using Karin Leonard’s ‘Deep Relaxation’ CD at night and chose
to use it as my nightly ‘lullaby’. Her voice is soothing and relaxing and
helps me to let go of the daily stress and tightness in my muscles. The
combination of her voice, the guided meditation and the soothing
background music transport me into a deeply relaxed state very quickly – for
I have never made it to the end of the CD in an awake state – Karin’s
medicine works almost instantly!

And I have noticed an improved sleep quality, and feel more refreshed in
the morning. The Deep Relaxation CD is also a great tool to calm down when I am nervous or anxious – it has not failed to calm me down.

Ute Bonn
Singer/Song Writer

“I listened to Karin Leonard’s groundbreaking CD on Deep Relaxation, Recharging at the Core in the middle of a sleepless night. Much to my surprise and gratitude, Karin’s CD put me in a place where I could truly rest. I didn’t even have to take my sleep medication — her voice was that soothing and her message that profound.”

Patricia F.
Soul Physician, Santa Fe, New Mexico

VIBRANT HEALTH: Awaken your Inner Healer 

“What I received from listening to Vibrant Health was worth the cost of a two
week retreat! My pounding headache went away and this feeling of depletion that
usually takes me a few days to unwind, was about 70% cleared in just 24 minutes. I feel that the experience was so profound that I will be returning to it again in many moments of my life. Beautiful work: the voice, the music, the words, the pace, the content and the vibrant healing energy!!!”

Dr. Laurie Moore, PhD, L.M.F.C.

“Karin’s Vibrant Health audio program has benefited several patients in their health when stress and tension were interfering with their recovery. I have listened to the program myself and found it to be profoundly relaxing and energizing. I wholeheartedly recommend Vibrant Health to anyone who is looking to advance their state of health and achieve optimum calmness and quietude.”

Dr. Jeff Lester
Physician and Surgeon

“Listening to Karin’s ‘Vibrant Health’ CD has really helped me learn to relax and let go of tension. Her soothing, yet strong and vibrant voice itself is very healing. The content of the message—the words themselves—are very powerful in calling forth the body’s own ability to heal itself. I do believe much of illness is stress aggravated, if not stress induced. Relaxation itself is so vital to vibrant health, and is really just a very sane way to live. The very first time I listened to this CD, I was so blissed out, my mind took a mental vacation!”

Sheryl R Brown, MS, LMFT
Sunray Counseling

“The Vibrant Health audio program is the most powerful and effective vehicle that I have found in the wide array of products designed to help people through a healing crisis.

I encourage you to use this tape pre-and post-operatively through any healing crisis or concern.”

Dr. Loic Jassy, PhD

Naturally Slim Audio Program

“For over ten years now, Karin’s audio collection has been a wonderful adjunct to the Healthy Way program. I have personally found them to be effective, as have countless clients.”

Cheri Biancini, R.N., owner
The Healthy Way, Weight Management Center

“Karin’s Naturally Slim” audiotape is very effective and done in a highly professional manner. I have recommended and sold it to several of my clients.”

Carol Jensen
Director, Center for Health

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