Sleep Sanctuary

Sound Sleep textAllow Karin Leonard’s soothing voice guide you to deep, sound sleep, as you fully relax into the comfort of delicious rest. This meditation is the perfect length to play at bedtime, when you are ready for relaxing slumber.

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Single Track: Guided meditation/meditation music (16 min) MP3 $7:95


Winter Moon Rise, 8 x10, o/c

Winter Moon Rise, 8 x10, o/c

Anchor Image for this meditation:                          “Winter Moon Rise”  

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Full Moon over soothing and peaceful landscape, inviting deep sound sleep and rejuvenating nights.

You can order this image as Print or Card. Place it close to your bed, where you can see it as you get ready for sleep.  Let this image be a reminder and anchor for your body’s natural ability to sleep soundly every night.