Relaxation Sanctuary

Deep Relaxation iconLet yourself luxuriate in a beautiful oasis, far away from everyday stress. Find a secret sanctuary to recharge the very core of your being, as Karin Leonard’s soothing voice guides you to profound levels of relaxation. Nurturing suggestions bring you lasting calm and relaxed confidence.

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Track One :  Guided meditation and ocean/nature ambiance, meditation music (30 min.)                                                

Track Two:  Ocean/nature, meditation music (30 min.)

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Evening Prayer, 12 x18, Pastel

Anchor Image for this meditation:                       Prints and Cards Available

A peaceful beach at sunset with gathering feathered friends invites you to relax deeply, and to recharge at core.

You can order this image as Print or Card.  Place it where you see it often.  Let this image be a reminder and anchor for moments of relaxation and peace throughout your day.