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Karin H. LeonardCustomized Recordings start at $150 (or 4 recordings for $475)

incl. e-mail or quick phone interview

Before you order your custom recording, please e-mail Karin with your specific issue.  She will evaluate whether your concern or goal can be helped with a custom recording.

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Individual Custom Recordings                                                            Meditations are customized to your topic and specifications.  Karin does not use a script, but creates your recording intuitively, the same way she works with her in-person clients.  If you would like to write and upload your own script, you can do so here. Recordings are 15 – 30 min. in length (according to your preference). Many customers prefer shorter meditations, to fit into their busy schedules.  Longer meditations are available for an additional $50 for 15 min. Recordings include background meditation music, if desired. You can chose from our copyright free options. Recordings are delivered to your e-mail address, in MP 3 Format. If you would like to receive a CD, you can do so for an additional $25.  

Individual Recording $150 

Four Custom Recordings                                                                                                                     If you’d like to have several recordings over the course of one year, you save $75 with this option. You will have 12 months form the date of purchase to use your credits.                   

Four Custom Recordings $475

Individual Custom Recording with Coaching Session                                                                   Receive a full hour consultation and coaching session with Karin, prior to your recording. This gives you access to Karin’s 25 years of working with clients.  In this session we discuss the issue or goal you want to address, as well as the recording and practical suggestions to address this topic in your daily life.

Individual Custom Recording with Coaching Session $275                                  

Two Custom Recordings & Two Coaching Sessions $475                                              

Individual Coaching Session $150                                                                                    

Additional Options The following items are available, for an additional charge.  Please purchase your recording(s) above, and then select additional items, if desired:

Hard Copy CD                                                                                                              In addition to receiving an e-mail MP 3, you can purchase a CD version.  Mailing included.

Hard Copy CD $25 

Additional Length                                                                                                                       Standard Custom Recordings are 15-30 min (according to your preference).  If you would like a longer meditation, you can purchase additional time, in 15 min. increments. For example, with one additional 15 min segment, your total recording length will be 45 min.

Additional 15 minutes $50                                                                                                        

Use My Own Script                                                                                                                                 Karin does not use a script, but creates your recording intuitively, with the information you provide. She has worked this way for 28 years of her practice, for recordings as well as with her in-person clients.  However, if you would like to write and upload your own script, you can do so.  Reading, practicing and formatting your script for recording takes extra time and attention, therefore the additional charge.

Use My Own Script $50