Health Sanctuary

Vib health IconWant more Energy, Vitality and Health?      Whether you are recovering from illness, or simply want to boost your health and vitality, this CD supports you to initiate your body’s natural healing response.  Receive invigorating suggestions for radiant health, energize your immune system and prepare for profound well-being. Bath in luminous life force for greater vitality, while you enjoy luxurious levels of comfort and deep relaxation.

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Track One:  Guided meditation and ambient music (29 min.)                                 Track Two:  Subliminal Health messages and music (28 min.)                                        

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California Poppy Path, 18x24, Pastel

California Poppy Path, 18×24, Pastel

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Glowing meadows filled with spring flowers invite you to walk a joyful path of health and well being, rejuvenating you with every step.

You can order this image as Print or Card.  Place it where you see it often.  Let this image be a reminder and anchor for creating vibrant health in your life.