Grace Sanctuary


Relax deeply as you open yourself to grace, guidance and universal flow. Soothing suggestions to welcome the blessings and opportunities all around you sink into the core of your being.  Feel connected to all of life, and deep gratitude for your existence, and the beautiful opportunity of who you are.

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Single Track: Guided meditation by Karin H. Leonard (Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke) 17 min

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California Spring Big Sur by Karin LeonardAnchor Image for this meditation:                          “California Spring, Big Sur  

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Vibrant spring wildflowers along a meandering meadow path, towards sweeping views of the Big Sur Coast, lead you to open to Grace in your life.

You can order this image as Print or Card. Place it where you can see it often.  Let this image be a reminder and anchor for your confidence growing with each new day.