Naturally Slim

Are you tired of TRYING to loose weight? Do you crave to finally embrace the naturally slim you? Are you ready for a lasting healthy lifestyle and regular exercise you enjoy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the perfect meditation for you!

Receive invigorating suggestions for naturally achieving your ideal weight and prepare for profound well-being. Bathe in luminous life force for greater vitality and energy, while you experience luxurious levels of comfort and deep relaxation.

“Naturally Slim: Embrace your Ideal Weight” gives you access to the power of guided imagination. Body and mind are intricately linked, and your physical being is highly sensitive to the images and intentions of your mind and emotions. By guiding you to experience yourself as naturally slim, and living a healthy lifestyle, deep suggestions of achieving your ideal weight become imprinted in the core of your being, poised to unfold over the coming days, weeks and months.

“Naturally Slim: Embrace your Ideal Weight” leads you into profound levels of deep relaxation,NatslimIcon_002 draining away tension. Since an estimated 80% of disease and ill health is caused by stress related factors, providing healing rest to your entire system is a powerful foundation for well-being. And, many customers and clients report improved sleep as a wonderful side result, not to mention the many surprising benefits that may appear spontaneously.

“Naturally Slim: Embrace your Ideal Weight” is the product of Karin Leonard’s 25 year experience of in-depth work with clients as certified master hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and professional life coach. Karin is dedicated to provide powerful programs for your health, happiness and success. Being a seasoned expert, Karin is known for her soothing hypnotic voice and exceptional skill in recording outstanding audio programs. Being an award winning visual artist, Karin’s guided imagery leads you to easily experience an inner world of creative energy, vibrant luminosity and natural healing power.

“Naturally Slim: Embrace your Ideal Weight” guides you to infuse every part of your body with luminous life force, and awakens the natural transformation potential present in every cell of your being. You will receive a powerful boost for health and wellbeing every time you listen to this program.

“Naturally Slim: Embrace your Ideal Weight” draws on the unlimited creative potential of nature to find solutions for optimum well-being. Nature always moves towards wholeness and well-being, and life miraculously overcomes adversity, in ways we can’t even imagine or predict. The guided imagery in this program aligns you with the natural source of abundant energy and vitality.

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