About Karin Leonard

Karin H. LeonardKarin H. Leonard, founder of Sanctuary Meditations, has almost 25 years of experience of working with clients and developing popular programs. Karin’s meditations are based on her dynamic brand InnerEvolution, the principles of Neuroplasticity, and her creativity as an artist.

Karin is a longtime practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC), seminar leader, motivational speaker and published author, as well as a successful visual artist.

Assisting her clients to overcome emotional, mental and behavioral challenges, and to tap more of their potential, Karin developed her compassionate, innovative and highly effective approach called InnerEvolution™, leading to quick results. Karin’s work utilizes the principles of neuroplasticity, as well as the therapeutic and creative effects of alpha and theta waves. She teaches her clients how to use their brain, mind and intuition more effectively. Karin holds the vision that each person has the ability to take charge of their personal evolution, and with that, contribute to human development and sustainability.

Ms. Leonard has been leading groups, teaching, and working with individual clients since 1986. During this time, Karin has conducted seminars in personal evolution, goal achievement, life-balance and communication. Ms. Leonard has brought her dynamic approach to personal development to institutions such as Halcyon College, The Center for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Esalen Institute. Karin is a Co-Director for the Human Fulfillment Institute, and as principal of A Better Workplace, has also instructed hundreds of managers and supervisors within corporations, government agencies and educational institutions in the art of coaching and collaborating with others.

Ms. Leonard has studied with the pioneers in hypnosis, process therapy and professional coaching, and holds advanced certifications in hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) from Halcyon College and from Laura Grinder & Associates, as well as a BA and teaching credential in Environmental Biology from Colorado University. She taught courses in Biology for four years.

Karin is the author of a highly popular, monthly column entitled “Personal Mastery” in the San Francisco Bay Area’s ConnectionMagazine, since 1993, and has published over 100 articles. An experienced and popular presenter within corporations as well as through public seminars, Karin holds a certificate in public speaking from Toastmasters International.  Ms. Leonard participates on radio talk shows and produces broadcast-quality audio programs and meditation CDs.

Among the great joys of her life, Karin is a longtime visual artist, and founder of PaintTheParks.com. Her passion is landscape painting, often en plein air.  She has frequent exhibits, and you can see some examples of her artwork here.

Ms. Leonard is a native of Germany, and speaks fluent English, German and French.